Covid Risk Assessment For Wedding Photography

Leszek Chrzastowski Photography
Covid-19 Health & Safety Policy 2020

Prepared by: Leszek Chrzastowski

Activity/ Process / Operation
Taking photographs of people on locations during COVID-19 pandemic, in light of increased risk of virus infection.

Steps currently taken to migitate risk of virus transmission:

  1. Client meetings are held by video conference/telephone only
  2. Employee(s) will adhere to government advice on safe working
  3. On arrival and departure at a location, employee(s) will wash hands or use sanitiser gel
  4. Employee(s) will keep a safe distance, 2 metres wherever practical, and a minimum of 1 metre as per government guidance
  5. Any posing of groups of people to adhere to current government guidelines around social distancing and ‘bubbles’ – it is our clients’ responsibility to advise on who is able to take part in group photos and who is bubbled with who.
  6. Employee(s) will avoid hand shaking and all personal contact.
  7. Guests will be asked not to touch the camera, or any of the equipment used on the day.
  8. Employee(s) will avoid touching surfaces or any items, unless absolutely necessary and will either clean after, or alert a member of venue staff to sanitise.
  9. Employee(s) will use a face mask when required to do so in line with government guidance and/or site/venue requirements.
  10. Employee(s) will stop work, alert site/venue staff, leave the site/venue and self-isolate immediately if any symptoms appear.
  11. Employee(s) will adhere to the site health & safety policy.
  12. All business equipment is cleaned and sanitised thoroughly between shoots.
  13. No more than one shoot is currently held per day.

Updated as UK Government guidance changes. Latest update 01/08/2020

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